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The Magnificent Seven: why coming to the dentist is brilliant

Posted by Celia Burns on 17th September, 2013

The Magnificent Seven: Why Coming To The Dentist Is Brilliant


1 You get to lie down for 10 minutes without feeling guilty

2 You can read this month’s magazines without paying for them

3 You are the focus of someone’s care rather than you having to look after everybody else

4 Your diet works better because you don’t want to eat when you leave coz your mouth feels so clean

5 Everybody sympathises with you when you say where you are going, even if it’s just a check up

6 You don’t have to answer your phone

7 You get nice little freebies like toothpaste samples and chewing gum

If none of these floats your boat, then you can always remember that your body and mouth are healthier because you attend – fewer fillings pleases everyone!

Celia Burns
Celia Burns

My first love isn’t teeth; it’s people. That’s why I love being a dentist. It’s the best feeling in the world to be able to help an anxious patient, who has possibly avoided going to the dentist for many years, build their trust in me, and I get a real thrill from helping someone achieve the confidence in their smile that they want.