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New Dentist, New Knowledge!

Posted by Ella Cadwallader on 04th October, 2013

Hello everyone. I think Celia has mentioned me before but I am Ella the new dentist and have now started working at Nothing but the Tooth on Fridays. I am really enjoying it and find everyone here really does their utmost to put patients at their ease. I’ve never seen so many cups of tea be made for patients! (We also have juice, coffee, and a vast selection of teas that would probably put Starbucks to shame!)  On Fridays I work with the wonderful dental nurse Rita and despite our surgery radio station preferences we get on like a house on fire and have already introduced our dogs to one another! If you haven’t already why not check out our ‘team’ section on our website to find out more about us all.

We recently had our medical emergencies update which was a really enjoyable day. We were really lucky to have a real life paramedic educating us for the day; a lovely lady called Rachel who spent all day with us and then had to go on a night shift afterwards! We definitely learned a lot, including how to do to CPR, use a defibrillator and administer lifesaving drugs at the surgery if needed. Be assured you are in safe hands. Although of course we hope that we never have to use these skills in the surgery, we are all confident in how to help anyone in distress and ensure they receive medical intervention as quickly as possible.

I hope to keep you up to date again soon and meet some more of you very shortly!


Ella Cadwallader