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Dental Treatments

As we say on our home page, as professional dentists our promise is to give you the best opportunity to keep your mouth healthy, and your smile amazing, forever. To keep you healthy, we offer our regular health care, and to make your smile amazing, we can provide a range of cosmetic options.

“Treatment has always been carried out to a high standard and the results are perfect.”

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Regular dental health care and  disease prevention

Are my teeth ok?

Healthy Mouth Assessment
We will listen to any current concerns you have and conduct a full examination of your mouth. This includes checking for tooth decay, enamel damage due to acidic erosion or tooth grinding, gum disease, infections and mouth cancer. X-rays will also be taken if necessary. Personalised preventive advice will be offered, tailored to how you can best look after your teeth. You will have plenty of opportunity to discuss any recommended treatments and a full written estimate of charges will be given to you before you leave.

My breath doesn’t smell fresh and my gums bleed…

Professional tooth cleaning
Gum disease doesn’t just cause loose teeth; it also causes bad breath and increases your risk of many other health problems such as heart attacks, stroke, and, for pregnant women, giving birth prematurely and stillbirth. Sparkling clean teeth are not just beautiful to look at; they are healthier too.

When you have your teeth cleaned we will use the information gained at your healthy mouth assessment to ensure that your treatment gently targets all the important areas of your mouth leaving you with a fresh sparkling smile.

I have a hole in my tooth!

We have a variety of types of filling available, including the revolutionary new Icon™ technique which requires no drilling and no injections. We also offer mercury-free tooth-coloured fillings which are virtually invisible.

Oh no! I think I have an abscess

Root Fillings
If your tooth dies, for instance after it receives a knock, or when it has had a lot of decay in the past, it can become infected. This in turn can lead to an abscess forming. A root filling is usually then the best way to treat this, and we can do this by cleaning inside the diseased root and filling it up to prevent further infection.

The side of my tooth has broken off – can it be saved?

Crowns, Bridges and Inlays
Sometimes there is too much damage to a tooth for a filling to be a strong enough treatment, or there may be a gap where a tooth has been lost. In these cases we can place a laboratory custom-made crown, bridge or inlay which is very strong and is bonded in place with dental cement. We offer a choice of materials for these, including gold, composite or the latest tooth coloured ceramics, which get rid of the ugly dark lines often visible at crown margins with the older fashioned type of materials.

My wisdom teeth are killing me.

It is not always necessary to extract problem wisdom teeth, but if you have episodes of pain from the same side on more than one occasion, you should get them checked. X-rays are taken to look at the root forms, and if extraction is recommended, we can carry out all but the most complex extractions in our practice.

I can’t chew my food where my teeth were extracted…

False Teeth
These can be a temporary measure to fill a gap while the gum heals after an extraction, or can be a permanent solution to missing teeth. We supply a wide range of types of  false teeth, or dentures, including Valplast ™ flexible dentures with their lifetime guarantee against breakage. We take a great deal of care when we make your new dentures so that they are a comfortable and secure fit, and look beautiful when you speak, smile or laugh.

My headaches are a pain in the neck!

Tooth Grinding
Tooth grinding, especially at night while we sleep, can be the cause of many unpleasant symptoms, including headaches, neck pain, and jaw ache. We supply a special guard that you can wear at night which will retrain your muscles to relax and help to alleviate your symptoms.

My wife sleeps in the next room…

Whilst the subject of many a joke, snoring is not a laughing matter to the sufferer or their partner. Research has suggested that the partner of a snorer can lose two years of sleep over a lifetime. Snoring can also cause poor quality sleep for the snorer, and in its worst cases can cause sleep apnoea, or OSA.

Snoring has a variety of possible causes, one of which is when the tube connecting your mouth and nose to the lungs is partially restricted by your jaw relaxing and falling back towards the back of your neck during sleep. This causes the air going in and out of your lungs to make a noise, or snore. In OSA, the airway may be completely obstructed, preventing breathing. Your body recognises the danger and wakes you up, typically with a loud snort. This happens many times an hour and results in the sufferer feeling tired even after a seemingly full night’s sleep. If you suffer in this way then a referral to a specialist is recommended, as your general health can be affected.

If you visit us for help with your snoring, we will go through a series of questions with you which will help to detect if you require referral for OSA. If however you are not a sufferer, and simply require help to stop snoring, we can assess you for a small mouthguard type device which you wear at night. This helps hold your jaw forward and prevents your airway being restricted by the normal relaxation of the muscles of the mouth during sleep.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments

My teeth look dull and stained…

Tooth WhiteningTeeth darken over time as we get older, and the red wine, tea, coffee, curries and tobacco we consume all do their best to dull the brightness of our smiles. One of the quickest and most painfree ways to look younger is to whiten your teeth, and we can supply you with custom made whitening trays and gel which will restore your teeth to their former glory.

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5 reasons why you should treat yourself to shiny, whiter teeth

Your privacy is always protected

I don’t like to smile because my front teeth look unattractive…

Stained, dark or malformed teeth, crooked teeth, and uneven smiles can all be corrected by porcelain veneers. These look a little like a false fingernail and are made by the laboratory to your exact tooth shape. The tooth or teeth are trimmed where necessary and the very thin veneer is bonded on top, evening out any crookedness and covering imperfections in the tooth surface.

bet you can't see my braces!

My teeth are crooked…

Invisible and Discreet Braces

For many adults correcting misaligned teeth was not an option as they did not wish to wear ugly metal “train track” braces. Orthodontics, or tooth movement, has been turned on its head by the arrival of the new quick cosmetic braces, such as clear aligners which fit closely over your own teeth and gently move them into place. Other treatments include Six Month Smiles, a discreet tooth coloured fixed brace, and Inman Aligners, which are tooth coloured removable braces. Our discreet braces will provide you with a beautifully aligned smile and if you choose clear aligners no-one will know you are wearing them. We promise not to  to tell!

Clearstep before and after(photographs courtesy of Clearstep)

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6 key questions about secretly straightening your teeth

Your privacy is always protected

I don’t like the way my fillings show when I laugh…

White fillings

If you have silver fillings they can be quite noticeable when you open your mouth wide, for instance to laugh or yawn. Fillings that curve around onto the front surface of the teeth can also show when you smile.

It is very easy to replace these fillings with tooth coloured composite materials which will be virtually undetectable to your friends and family.

I just don’t like my smile.

Smile Makeovers
We can combine any of the above treatments to give you a complete smile makeover.  For example, often we combine replacement of old ugly metal based crowns with new all ceramic ones, followed by composite bonding to improve the shape of less heavily restored teeth. Similarly, crooked teeth may need some straightening with invisible braces before they are ready for the final veneers. And initial tooth whitening with replacement of silver fillings and front teeth veneers will give that Hollywood look. There are as many possibilities as there are people, so do please come along and have a no obligation chat to our team, and we can give you some ideas about what is available for your particular needs. If you do decide you are interested, you will need to book an assessment and will be given a detailed treatment plan and full written estimate of costs before you proceed.

There are a variety of ways to pay, as we take all major credit cards, and you are welcome to take advantage of our interest free credit facility for courses of treatment over £500.00.

Family Dentistry

A healthy mouth, an amazing smile

Our promise to you is that we do everything we can to help you keep your whole mouth healthy, forever. To further this aim, we build all our care on the twin foundations of preventive care and comfortable treatment.

Your regular dental assessments will include measuring the gums to check there is no early sign of gum disease. We can show you inside your mouth using our tiny camera, similar in size to a tooth brush, that will give you pictures of your teeth and gums and show you exactly where you need to target that extra brushing!

The camera is also very good at picking up cracks in teeth before they get to the point of causing pain when chewing, or, even worse, breaking off completely when you are at an important function.

We also inspect your whole mouth for any early signs of mouth cancer at every single examination. If caught early, mouth cancer has a high cure rate, but sadly most are found very late and in this case the outcome is often very poor. As well as screening, we can give you advice on how you can reduce your risk.

We know that many dental phobic adults were made that way by unpleasant experiences as children. For this reason we make sure that children love coming to see us! Our mini sparkler club members benefit from routine fluoride coatings, sealants for all their adult teeth as soon as they come through, and fun sessions with our oral health staff using our dental education puppets and games. We run competitions from time to time and stock a variety of child friendly oral health products, as well as offering incentives such as certificates, stickers and balloons to encourage your children to keep up the good work. Please call the surgery for advice on how to prepare your child for their dental visit if you feel they may be anxious.