How are those new year resolutions going?

By Celia Burns on 16th January 2014

New year is the time when we all make our minds up that we are going to be better people this year. We are going to watch our weight, watch less TV, exercise more, spend less, stop arguing with our partner, learn Spanish… the list is endless. And usually by mid February, if not sooner, we have lost our mojo and are back in our old habits.

Why do we fail?

Let’s imagine we want to be slimmer (actually I don’t need to imagine that one) so we resolve to lose lots of weight and do more exercise. We spend most of January fighting hunger pangs and jogging round the block, only for the daffodils to finds us sitting on the sofa eating chocolate and watching EastEnders in a onesie.

The best way to succeed in our resolutions is well known to life coaches and business mentors. If the shine is beginning to fade on your resolutions, have another look at them and make them SMART.

S pecific

M easurable

A chievable

R elevant

T imed

Rather than say “I will lose lots of weight”, say “I will fit into my favourite jeans again”(specific).” The way I will do this is I will lose 7 pounds” (measurable) “in the next 6 weeks” (timed) “by cutting down my takeaways from 2 to 1 a week and by not snacking in the evenings” (relevant to me). And if you have more than 7 pounds to lose? Then just take it in stages (achievable).

Follow this method and you should have success. Good luck!

I’m just off to find my track suit…

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