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We are delighted to say that we are now open again for emergency care and face to face consultations and hygiene care. We will be prioritising patient appointments according to urgency and how long they have been waiting, but we are working to catch up as soon as possible.

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If you need an appointment, please don’t attend the practice to book as we can only allow people with appointments into the building at present. Contact us via phone or email and we will be able to help.

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We are pleased to say that we have now signed up to a video consultation platform on which we will be able to offer face to face advice from the comfort and safety of your own home. If you would like to take advantage of this service, please let us know.


We can deliver essential dental care products to regular patients living locally who are self isolating; please email the practice if you would like this service. There is no delivery charge payable.

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Celia Burns
Clinical Director

Carpets and Christmas

Celia Burns By Celia Burns on 10th December 2013

I was in our local carpet shop recently ordering a carpet for my daughter’s bedroom. The shop owner asked, with a little trepidation in his eyes, did I want it in time for Christmas? The relief on his face when I said no was obvious.

You might not think that dentistry and carpets have a lot in common, but it’s at this time of year that dentists would be forgiven for thinking that the only dentistry patients need is emergency treatment and cosmetic makeovers. The normal mix of check ups, fillings, and crowns is superseded by broken teeth, broken dentures, and toothache “which isn’t really too bad, but I don’t want to be in pain over Christmas”. It is also at this time of year that many people finally decide they would like that crooked tooth fixed or their teeth whitened.

Of course, it’s pretty clear why someone will come to see us as soon as they can with a broken tooth in December – after all, when there is an emergency only service operating for the Christmas period nobody wants to be too sore to eat their turkey, or to have to see a different dentist than they are used to. But why are those front veneers suddenly so urgent?

My carpet man said that everybody who orders in November and December wants their carpet for Christmas and he struggled to understand why – it’s just another day, he said. But I think I do understand. Christmas is a big event these days, when there is great pressure on us all to lay on a perfect show. We are often seeing people we haven’t seen for some time. We are dressing up to impress at our Christmas parties. Our homes are being visited by more people in two weeks than often visit in two months. And also, it marks a new start. The new year is the time that we make new resolutions, and whilst that diet and exercise plan may falter come February, at least our newly spruced up teeth will still be straight and white.

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Celia Burns
Celia Burns - Principal Dentist & Clinical Director

My first love isn’t teeth; it’s people. That’s why I love being a dentist. It’s the best feeling in the world to be able to help an anxious patient, who has possibly avoided going to the dentist for many years, build their trust in me, and I get a real thrill from helping someone achieve the confidence in their smile that they want.

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