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ImplantsUnfortunately sometimes we are unable to save a tooth and it has to be extracted…

The space can look unsightly or can result in the teeth nearby tilting or growing out of the gum. The bone that supports the missing tooth gradually resorbs away reducing the support for the cheeks and lips.

There are four things you can do with a gap left by a missing tooth:

  • Leave it as it is
  • Replace it with a false tooth on a denture plate
  • Replace it by crowning the teeth either side and putting a bridging tooth between
  • Place an implant in the jaw and then a crown on to the implant

Implants have become a popular way to replace the missing tooth owing to their being fixed in the mouth without needing to cut down other teeth nearby, and their prevention of bone loss in that area


Dr Will MurphyWill Murphy

We work with our friend and colleague Will Murphy when providing implants for our patients.

Will has a special interest in Implant Dentistry having been placing dental implants since 1999.

Will plays an active role in post graduate education and has run many courses and lectures including being lead tutor for candidates sitting their membership exams at the Royal College of Surgeons. He tutors aspiring implant dentists and has also held the position of Clinical Assistant in Oral Surgery at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

Will has completed many advanced courses in implant and aesthetic restorative dentistry and was awarded an advanced certificate with the prestigious Implant Diploma at the Royal College of Surgeons in 2010.

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Implants FAQs

Am I suitable for implants?

If you lost your teeth through gum disease it is important that the disease is treated and stabilised, as implants will not integrate with the bone properly or can fall out if you have active gum disease.

Some medical conditions such as diabetes can also affect success rates, as will smoking.

If you take bisphosphonate medication (to help harden the bone in diseases like osteoporosis and myeloma) you are unlikely to be suitable for implants.

There needs to be enough bone to place the implant into, so people who have lost a lot of bone may need bone grafts or similar procedures before they can be treated.

How long does it take?

You should allow around 6 months from start to finish for your implants to be completed. Unless you are having immediate loading implants, we would normally allow around three months after extraction for the site to heal, and then there would be an assessment appointment with x-rays and possibly a scan, followed by the surgical procedure to place the implant in the bone. After a few weeks the implant is uncovered and a cap placed to shape the gum to the right shape for the new crown. Once this has healed we can then take the impressions and fit the final restorations, which will usually take three visits in total.

Is it painful?

The surgical treatment is carried out under strong local anaesthetic, and you can choose to have sedation for more extensive work, so the treatment itself is not painful. You may find that you are bruised and sore for a few days after the surgery, so it’s best not to book it just before any important events.

Where do I have my implants placed?

We work with Will Murphy to provide the surgical aspect of implant placement, before Celia or Hassan restore the implant with a crown. Will and Celia have been work colleagues almost since graduation (a long time!) and have worked together for patients needing implants for around 9 years. Will places his implants in one of his two clinics in Birmingham city centre or in Solihull. Once they are completed, you will have your crowns placed at Nothing But The Tooth.

Is it expensive?

Implant treatment is some of the most demanding and technique sensitive work that dentists perform. The implants themselves are costly if bought as we do from reputable manufacturers such as Straumann.
However, when looked at over the life of an implant, it can work out as very cost effective compared to having repeated dentures or bridges, or to needing to rebalance the bite after tipping of neighbouring teeth. Many of our patients feel that the benefit of a fixed tooth over dentures is worth the extra investment.

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