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Bioclear composite bonding

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Bioclear composite bonding

Bioclear uses dental composite bonding technology to build a tooth-coloured resin on to the teeth. This is then shaped and polished to create beautifully shaped and natural looking teeth. You can choose the shade would suit you best, to match the rest of your teeth, or to compliment any whitening work you are also having.

Bioclear is available here at Nothing But The Tooth, following an initial assessment of your teeth and dental requirements.

Bioclear is especially suitable for you if you have

  • uneven teeth
  • teeth which have worn down
  • Gaps between your teeth
  • Successfully treated gum disease, which has left you with dark triangles between the teeth at the gumline
  • Bioclear takes the time consuming multiple visits out of smile enhancement, is pain-free and results are seen immediately!

The benefits of Bioclear

  • Bioclear reinforces the teeth, making them stronger than before
  • There is no drilling of the teeth, perfect if you are averse to the dentist’s drill
  • Injections are not necessary, which is good news for those who are nervous of needles
  • Bioclear is an excellent investment for those wishing to have straighter, more attractive looking teeth, without orthodontics
  • Bioclear is less than half the price of crowns or veneers and far less invasive
  • Bioclear is easy to repair if it chips, unlike crowns or veneers, which tend to need to be replaced fully, if there is damage
  • With Bioclear, you can achieve a completely new smile in a day
  • Bioclear can be used in all areas, though the front teeth are most commonly treated, due to its excellent aesthetic results.

Ask us about Bioclear composite bonding

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Bioclear composite bonding FAQs

Am I suitable for Bioclear composite bonding?

During an assessment we will take some photos of your teeth and, in some cases, offer you a ‘trial smile’ so that you can see what the results will be like. Once you are satisfied that Bioclear is the treatment for you, we can arrange your course of treatment.

What happens during a Bioclear treatment?

During one morning or afternoon treatment, we can treat one upper or lower arch. A couple of teeth take around 90 minutes. The results are immediate and you can return to your daily activities straight away.

Does Bioclear treatment hurt?

The treatment is completely painless. You may find it takes a couple of weeks to get used to the new bite or change in shape of your teeth.

How long does Bioclear composite bonding last?

Typically Bioclear composite lasts many years. We recommend a repolish every couple of years. This carries a small fee.

Not sure whether the treatment is for you?

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