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Teeth Whitening & Stain Removal

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Teeth Whitening & Stain Removal

EnlightenOur gentle, effective and safe tooth whitening gels can give you the whitest natural looking smile.

We offer two types of whitening; Phillips Zoom daywhite or nitewhite, and Enlighten guaranteed shade whitening. Different people respond differently to whitening gels; some will whiten to a very light shade rapidly and others may take longer. Most people will whiten at least 9 shades with our safe and effective professional gels. In any case, the best results are not achieved for at least a couple of weeks and often longer, so ensure that you book well ahead if you want lovely white teeth for a special occasion.

Enlighten Tooth Whitening

Whitening with Enlighten is the only tooth whitening treatment guaranteed to get your teeth to “Shade B1”, the lightest natural shade of tooth enamel. It is common with all whitening gels to experience varying levels of sensitivity to cold during the course of your treatment. With its pre-whitening tooth serum and desensitising treatment Enlighten reduces sensitivity during treatment to the absolute minimum. Once you have used the pre-treatment serum for a fortnight, we apply the desensitising treatment and give you enough whitening gel for two to four weeks of overnight use at home. We then see you in the practice for a final in-chair session to get the best finished results.

Zoom Tooth Whitening

Phillips Zoom allows you to lighten your teeth overnight, or in the day time if you prefer. You receive a full kit of whitening gel and advice on safe and effective use to ensure you get the best results.

Before we whiten your teeth we will check that they are healthy and suitable for whitening. We can also suggest ways you can brighten your smile without whitening at all, if you are interested.

For some people these methods can produce enough improvement that they don’t feel they need to use whitening gels at all:

  • Improving your general tooth cleaning regime so that you clean every surface, of every tooth, every day with an electric toothbrush and interdental brushes.
  • Reducing the amount of stain that accumulates in the first place, by reducing your consumption of strong tea, coffee, and red wine, and giving up smoking
  • Having your teeth cleaned professionally. This is needed for most people before they whiten in any case to ensure the gel works efficiently
  • Having a professional stain removal treatment with our Aquacut Quattro gentle stain removal system.

Treatment Costs

Fees Charges
Zoom Daywhite/Nitewhite £363
Top Up Gel £72 per kit
Enlighten £660

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We honestly don’t mind if you come to us or another dental practitioner for your teeth whitening – but remember! There are good reasons why it is illegal for anyone other than a dentist to provide this treatment. Don’t risk your health and your smile by going to a beautician to save a few pounds.

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"Safe and effective – why you should only ever use a dentist to whiten your teeth"

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Teeth Whitening & Stain Removal FAQs

Why are beauticians cheaper for tooth whitening?

Council register to advise, diagnose, or provide gels for whitening teeth, the main reasons beauticians are cheaper are because…

  • they don’t sterilise their equipment to the exacting standards required of dentists
  • they don’t carry emergency equipment or medicines in case you suffer a serious allergic reaction to any of the materials
  • they rely on an hour or so of training by a company that sells gels to beauticians rather than having a five year degree and postgraduate training to diagnose dental problems
  • they don’t have professional indemnity or insurance to help anyone who suffers a problem from their treatment
  • they don’t carry out continuing professional development to ensure they are up to date with all current medical risks or material updates
  • they do not pay registration fees to a regulatory body that you can complain to if they damage your teeth or your health

Other reasons why it’s not a great idea to trust the health of your mouth to a beautician:

  • They cannot know if your teeth are suitable for treatment or if your gums will be damaged by the gel
  • Only dentists can legally buy properly accredited whitening gels, so illegal tooth whitening establishments tend to use gels ordered online from abroad. These can be 5 or more times higher concentration than dentist materials and hence can burn. Some beauticians resort to using Sodium Perborate, which whitens teeth but also causes cancer, or Chlorine Dioxide, which dissolves enamel and results in permanent sensitivity.
Do over the counter self-administered products work?

Products that comply with UK law and therefore contain no more than 0.1% active gel are unable to whiten enamel as the concentration is not high enough. Whitening products by reputable companies such as Oral B and Colgate improve your smile by removing surface stain only and will not change the underlying colour of your tooth enamel.
Other products you can buy online or from high street shops often fail to declare the precise chemicals used so it’s very difficult to assess their safety. Because of this they cannot be considered safe or effective.

Is the improved colour permanent?

All whitening fades over time. It varies from person to person but most people will see a change within a year or so. For this reason we recommend topping up your results once every few weeks.

Will my fillings and crowns whiten too?

Superficial stain and marks will be removed but the underlying colour of the crown will be the same. You may need fillings and crowns replaced after whitening as they will look dark by comparison with your newly sparkling white teeth

Does it damage the enamel?

Provided by a dental professional, whitening gels are safe and do not damage the enamel at all. Some gels used by illegal tooth whiteners such as beauticians can dissolve the enamel surface and leave permanent sensitivity.

Not sure whether the treatment is for you?

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