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Elderly CoupleIf you have lost one or more teeth then Dentures, or false teeth, can be a temporary measure to fill a gap while the gum heals after an extraction, or can be a permanent solution to missing teeth.

We supply a wide range of dentures, including Valplast ™ flexible dentures. We take a great deal of care when we make your new dentures so that they are as comfortable and fit as well as possible, and look beautiful when you speak, smile or laugh.

“We take a great deal of care to ensure that you get the look you want from your new dentures. You will have plenty of opportunity to check the colour, shape and position of the teeth and how much they show before we send them off for finishing. Whether you want an exact copy of your natural teeth or a white Hollywood smile, we will endeavour to make sure you are delighted with your smile when we fit the teeth”

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Dentures FAQs

Can’t you just take them all out?

Nothing a dentist can do – implants, dentures, bridges – will ever be as good as your own home grown teeth. This is why we will always advise trying to save any tooth that is saveable rather than extract and replace. Even if you only have two or three of your own teeth left they are worth saving as they make a big difference to how secure a denture will be.

Will my false teeth look natural?

Yes! We use high quality teeth with beautiful veined pink acrylic. You can have the teeth set up with some irregularities and you can even have fillings put into them if you want.

How long does it take to make a denture?

An immediate interim denture to replace a single tooth in an emergency can be made in 24 hours. For more permanent solutions, we recommend allowing 5-6 weeks as a minimum, although we can offer an express service in special circumstances.

Will I be able to eat apples with my new dentures?

Everyone’s mouth is different, and your own mouth will be different from how it was the last time you had new dentures. Some people can eat anything with their dentures, and others struggle. We use the best materials and the most exacting techniques to ensure that you get the best fit and security for you, and we offer free follow up appointments for any problems you encounter. If you need to be certain that your dentures won’t move, then an implant retained one is likely to be worth considering. If you don’t fancy implants, then using a denture fixative can make all the difference.

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