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Six Month Smiles

Orthodontics, the work of straightening crooked teeth, has been turned on its head by the arrival of quick cosmetic braces.

In the past correcting crooked teeth was not an option for many adults as they didn’t want to wear ugly metal “train tracks”, nor did they wish to spend two or three years in braces. With the new short-term orthodontics many smiles can be straightened in around six months with discreet or invisible braces.

Our braces will provide you with a beautifully aligned smile and if you choose clear aligners no-one will even know you are wearing them. We promise not to tell!

Clear Aligners


  • Removable
  • Virtually invisible
  • Easy to clean

These aligners fit very closely over your own teeth and gently move them into place.

We provide Smilelign and Invisalign clear aligners at NBTT.

Fixed Braces

Fixed Braces

  • Fixed to the front of the teeth
  • Discreet tooth coloured brackets and wires
  • Can perform most tooth movements

We mainly provide Six Month Smiles fixed braces.

Inman Aligner

Inman Aligner

  • Removable
  • Super quick
  • Discreet
  • Moves incisor teeth only

Orthodontics Treatment Costs

So you can be sure Orthodontics is right for you, we offer free, no obligation consultations with the person who will be doing your treatment.

There are no unexpected extra charges; fees quoted are inclusive of all consultations, adjustments, follow up reviews, and retainers as appropriate.

Fees Charges
Initial PCC consultation FREE
Assessment, Record taking and treatment planning £330 – £430
Smilelign Clear Aligners £3630 (maximum)
Inman Aligner £1881 (upper or lower teeth)

£2409 (upper and lower teeth)

Six Month Smiles £3036 (upper or lower teeth)

£3564 (upper and lower teeth)

Invisalign from £3,000


Free tooth whitening is included with our orthodontic treatments.

Celia Burns

Celia Burns
Principal Dentist & Clinical Director

Celia Burns did her initial training for providing cosmetic braces in 2009. Since then she has attended multiple residential and day courses in the various systems used to align teeth. She has also attended part time training treating more complex cases over the course of a year at The Brace, in the City of London, under specialist orthodontist Murtuza Hasnaini.

Hassan Kamal

Hassan Kamal
Associate Dentist

Hassan Kamal trained initially in the QST fixed and removable braces system in 2014. He is also a certified Invisalign Go provider, training with Align Technology, the inventors of the Invisalign system. He has completed further training with SAFE orthodontics, which provides dentists with the skills and knowledge to provide cosmetic braces as safely and effectively as possible.

"What will – and what won’t - stop you straightening your teeth"

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What our patients say...

Braces FAQs

Am I suitable for short term orthodontics?

You need to be dentally healthy with an excellent tooth cleaning regime before braces can be provided safely. Crowns and fillings don’t mean you can’t have treatment, but tooth decay and gum disease do. If you haven’t had a dental check up in over a year you will need to book one with us or your own dentist if you have one.

Not all crooked teeth can be straightened with short term orthodontic braces. We would recommend you come in for a free no obligation consultation when we can tell you if you need treatment from a specialist orthodontist to achieve your desired result.

Does it hurt?

The fitting, adjusting and removal of the braces is not painful, but you may find that your teeth ache for the first few days after adjustments, or after changing to a new aligner. Also the wires on fixed braces can make the cheeks sore for a week or two after they are first fitted. We provide you with special wax to put over the wires to make this more comfortable until the soreness wears off.

How long does the treatment take?

This varies depending on what the problems are that you want to correct. In general most treatments take between 4 and 9 months, but some more complex cases can take over a year. We will give you an estimate of when we think you will finish when you have your initial consultations.

Will I need to wear retainers?

Yes! Many of our patients are having braces because they stopped wearing their retainers after they had orthodontics as a child and their teeth have relapsed. Teeth move throughout life and this movement can only be minimised by wearing either a fixed retainer on the back of the teeth or a removable retainer every night, permanently.

Can I eat and speak normally with my braces in?

With any brace there is a period of adaptation for a week or two. Speech normally adapts very rapidly, but the Inman Aligner will usually change your speech a little for the whole time you wear it.
Certain foods will need to be avoided when wearing fixed braces as they can damage the wires or brackets.
You cannot eat, or drink anything other than water, with an Inman Aligner or with Invisalign or Smilelign clear aligners in place. As these need to be worn 22 hours a day for the best effect, this means that you will not be able to snack frequently during your treatment.

Not sure whether the treatment is for you?

Book for a free no-obligation consultation to find our more. Just call us on 0121 382 8544 or make an enquiry using our online form.

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