No drilling fillings

By Celia Burns on 9th January 2023

For some of us, the thought of the dentist’s drill can fill us with dread, so much so that we avoid a visit to the dentist if we have a suspicion we may need a filling.

Even the sound of a drill can make our hair stand on end!

At Nothing But The Tooth in Sutton Coldfield, we understand the anxiety that the drilling which is associated with fillings can cause and where appropriate we can offer no-drill solutions such as Icon and Aquacut Quattro. These treatments are less intensive than other types of filling and will help to keep teeth healthy and strong, taking the anxiety out of cavity repair.

What causes tooth decay?

The bacteria that naturally thrive in our mouths live off the sugar and starches we consume. As a result, they produce acids, which eat away at the enamel on the teeth, causing microscopic holes. If left untreated this action eventually weakens the structure of the tooth which often presents as a chalky white spot on the tooth’s surface. As this process progresses, decay forms. This decay is what needs to be treated by drilling and filling the tooth.

Icon no-drilling infiltration treatment

The principal of Icon infiltration no-drill treatment is very simple. A liquid resin is applied to the affected tooth. This resin penetrates deep into the dental enamel where it hardens. This treatment aesthetically treats smooth surface white spots and stops the progression of early stage decay between the teeth, preserving the tooth surface intact.

Icon is a breakthrough treatment in modern dentistry as it can stop the onset of early tooth decay, before it reaches a stage where it needs to be ‘drilled and filled’. It can also remove unsightly white spots which are caused by early tooth decay, fluorosis or following orthodontic treatment.

Am I suitable for Icon no-drilling filling?

Icon is only effective for treating tooth decay which is in the early stages. Tooth decay which has progressed beyond this will require a conventional filling, or other treatment as advised by your dental health professional. Therefore, it is important to maintain regular visits to us here at Nothing But The Tooth, so we can spot any signs of decay early enough to recommend this treatment.

Aquacut Quattro no ‘drill’ treatment

Aquacut Quattro is an innovative form of dental technology, eliminating the need for drilling and delivering minimally invasive dental treatments, helping you to feel less anxious when you visit the dentist. Aquacut Quattro uses a very fine stream of liquid combined with a small amount of powder. This action gently and painlessly removes decayed tissue and helps to clear cavities. In normal cavity repair, a drill will be used to remove the decayed tissues. More conservative treatments can be carried out with minimal threat to surrounding, healthy tooth structure.

Am I suitable for Aquacut Quattro?

All our clinicians at Nothing But The Tooth can advise you if you are suitable for Aquacut Quattro at one of your regular check-ups. We can also offer you a free no obligation consultation if you would like to find out more about Icon or Aquacut in general.

Remember that early detection is always advantageous, and this is why we encourage our patients to maintain regular visits to the clinic.

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My first love isn’t teeth; it’s people. That’s why I love being a dentist. It’s the best feeling in the world to be able to help an anxious patient, who has possibly avoided going to the dentist for many years, build their trust in me, and I get a real thrill from helping someone achieve the confidence in their smile that they want.

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